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Chapter 653 Matchmaking

  • In fact, there was something that the two hadn’t opened up to each other about.
  • “Actually, I knew it long ago, although I didn’t say a word about it. At first, I didn’t notice anything, but I was soon bewildered by your jealousy toward him. Nonetheless, I slowly began to understand why you were jealous of him.”
  • Wen Qingmu was rendered speechless, for he didn’t expect Su Luoli to see through him because of his jealousy.
  • “To be honest, I wish I never knew about it, for I’ve always seen him as a friend, and I know the reason he didn’t tell me his feelings was because he feared our friendship might crumble. Therefore, I pretended as if I didn’t know anything.”
  • “Damn it! My son is fighting with me for my wife’s attention, but now even my nephew is after my wife!” Wen Qingmu couldn’t help but swear.
  • Meanwhile, Mu Ranzheng had no choice but to attend the matchmaking session. He would have ignored the matter if it had been arranged by someone else. Unfortunately, it was Wen Qingmu who arranged the matchmaking for him. Therefore, he was forced to go along with it.
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