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Chapter 651 Love Him With Your Life

  • In the face of Su Luoli’s accusation, Wen Qingmu lost his cool again.
  • “Stop saying you’re doing all this for me! Even if it was for me, you should never act against your conscience or commit such cruelty—”
  • “Act against my conscience?” Wen Qingmu directly interrupted Su Luoli’s words. “Hmph! Su Luoli, you still don’t know me after what we’ve been through together, do you? I would do anything for you, even if it means I have to break the law and go to jail. I would always give my life for you!”
  • Watching the two of them argue, Li Qinqin soon found herself looking like an awkward bystander. Even though turning them against each other was her goal, she couldn’t explain the bitterness she felt deep down.
  • “Su Luoli, you said you loved me, but you couldn’t even abort an unborn child whose mother is trying to ruin our family? Indeed, you’re a good person with a pure heart! But couldn’t you do it for me? Even if you are not willing to do it, why can’t I take this matter into my own hands?”
  • “But aren’t we already figuring out a solution? I told you not to do it, but you did it anyway! Must you resort to violence for a solution?”
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