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Chapter 640 Family Crisis

  • Su Luoli’s instinct told her that the item under her seat did not belong to Wen Qingmu.
  • Darkness befell. Instead of taking it out, she put it back to its original position and pretended that nothing had happened. She still trusted Wen Qing, and Mu Ranzheng's words also reminded her that trust was the most important thing in a marriage. Therefore, she should investigate everything clearly before making a conclusion.
  • Both of them watched a film and had a candlelight dinner. After that, they were ready to go home together. As soon as she got into the car, Su Luoli said, “I forgot my mobile phone. I think I left it on the table in the restaurant.”
  • “Stay here. I’ll get it for you.” Wen Qingmu got out of the car and went back to the restaurant.
  • At this time, Su Luoli finally took out the thing under her seat. It was a lady’s underwear, a lace one at that. She was certain that it was not hers, for she never wore lace as she found it uncomfortable. Seeing a woman’s lingerie in her husband’s car made Su Luoli feel very uneasy.
  • “You’re so careless.” Wen Qingmu came back and handed the mobile phone to Su Luoli.
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