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Chapter 637 A Case of Extramarital Affairs

  • “Hey, wait in line, will you? We came here first. You can have her later!” After shouting at Wen Qingmu, the big guy turned around and continued to molest Li Qinqin.
  • “I told you to f*ck off!” Wen Qingmu growled another time.
  • The big guys stood up. “Hey man, are you looking for trouble?”
  • “Try me.” Although Wen Qingmu was no longer a vampire, dealing with two men was a piece of cake for him.
  • “Then I shall grant your wish!” Two of them immediately pounced on Wen Qingmu.
  • Without much effort, Wen Qingmu defeated the guys. Having been beaten up, the big guys hurriedly begged for mercy, “Yo, man, this woman is yours! We surrender, alright?” With that, they ran for their lives.
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