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Chapter 625 Little Chili Is Missing

  • Su Luoli was standing outside Li Rujiao’s room with bird’s nest soup. “Little Chili, open the door. The bird’s nest soup is ready.”
  • However, there was no reaction from the room. After knocking on the door several times, Su Luoli was puzzled as to why Li Rujiao was not coming to open the door.
  • “I’m coming straight in then.” Su Luoli opened the door upon finishing her words.
  • To her surprise, Li Rujiao was nowhere to be seen.
  • “Damn it!” After putting down the soup, Su Luoli rushed to ask the servants about Li Rujiao’s whereabouts, but they all said they never saw her.
  • Without any choice, Su Luoli went to Jian Yu. “Yu, it’s bad. Little Chili is missing!”
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