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Chapter 623 A Sweet Burden

  • Su Luoli gazed pitifully at Wen Qingmu, her eyes brimming with a sense of longing.
  • “I don’t want a daughter! Two sons are more than enough. I can’t afford to have another child, and I want to live longer!”
  • Su Luoli stuck out her tongue. Having failed to make Wen Qingmu promise to have a daughter at the wedding, it was pointless to beg him now, so they stopped the topic.
  • Wen Qingmu understood that his wife had always wanted a daughter. Even if he managed to evade the topic now, the question would continue to haunt him for life. I must make Li Rujiao’s child mine! Hopefully it’ll be a daughter.
  • According to the date and time given by Zhong Yuling, Su Luoli and Li Rujiao went to the hospital for another check-up. When the results were ready, they went to Zhong Yuling’s office.
  • “Mrs. Wen, Miss Li, the indices are all normal.” Normal indices were what every doctor hoped to see, as well as the mother and her family.
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