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Chapter 622 The Forgotten Pouch

  • Another 3 days had passed, yet there was still no news from Jian Yu. Su Luoli was beside herself with worry. They had to make that decision before the end of the third month of pregnancy if they did not want to keep the child. However, Li Rujiao was already two months into her pregnancy. Why was Wen Qingmu’s work efficiency so poor recently?
  • “Mrs. Wen, these are the flowers that were sent today. Take a look at them. They are so beautiful. This is the first time I have seen green-colored roses.” The servant arranged the roses properly before putting it on the table.
  • “It’s really beautiful.” Green roses! That was right! She remembered it now. A long time ago, Jian Yu gave her a pouch. She only needed to open the pouch if she wanted to find him.
  • Back then, Jian Yu kept insisting that Wen Qingmu was a vampire. Su Luoli did not believe him at all, so she did not really pay attention to that pouch. Perhaps she could find him by using the pouch!
  • Su Luoli started to turn the place inside out to look for the pouch. It had been a long time since then, hence she could not really remember where she left that pouch.
  • At this moment, Lihua carried Sansan over. “Mrs. Wen, what are you looking for? Did you lose something?” She jumped in fright when she saw the mess in the bedroom.
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