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Chapter 618 He Got Away Again

  • It wasn’t until Mu Zhixuan said this to her that Su Luoli realized why she felt that something was off about everybody last night while they were having dinner. That was because she was the only one who looked excited. It seemed that everybody knew that they were going to part ways. However, she was the only one dumb enough to think that this was a family reunion dinner.
  • “Luoli, don’t be sad. I am living a good life now.” Su Jianmo’s smile was still bright and innocent, just like how he was back then.
  • Su Luoli sighed before raising her hand to stroke his face, thereupon realizing it was time for her to truly part with her brother.
  • “Luoli, don’t worry. I will treat Wen Qingmu and your parents like my own. They told me already that I would be their son from now on.”
  • Su Luoli smiled with relief. Perhaps this was the best outcome for everybody. Mu Zhixuan and Wen Hao had Su Jianmo now. In a way, it was a source of spiritual comfort for them.
  • “You are a grown-up with your own opinions. I don’t know what kind of wishes I can offer to you now. Besides, I know that you are a sensible person, so you have to adapt to your new identity and take good care of them.”
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