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Chapter 617 Parting Ways

  • Su Luoli and Wen Qingmu were shocked.
  • “That b*stard! How could he run away when a problem arises?! What kind of man is he?!” Wen Qingmu cursed angrily.
  • “Miss Li, where do you plan to go next?”
  • Li Rujiao shook her head. “I haven’t thought about it yet. In the past, everybody lived in a mansion in S City. However, our Boss split us up and everybody went about their own ways. Until now, I still haven’t given it much thought yet.”
  • “Why don’t we do it this way then? Since Yu has left, you should stay behind. After all, you have nowhere to go, and not to mention that you are a young lady as well. So, if I allow you to leave like that, I would feel uneasy.”
  • “But—”
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