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Chapter 614 One Trap After Another

  • Knock, knock, knock. Upon hearing the knocking on the door, Su Luoli opened it and let Li Rujiao in.
  • “Mr. Wen, I spoke to Boss according to the speech you gave me, but he didn’t seem to have changed his mind.” Li Rujiao was dejected. She thought that Jian Yu would chase after her and declare that he would take up the responsibility.
  • “Did you say it according to what I told you?”
  • “Yes. Not a single word was left out. I spent a long time memorizing it last night!”
  • “Don’t worry. His reaction can be slow sometimes. He’ll look for you when he comes to his senses.”
  • “Will he?” Li Rujiao wasn’t convinced. Wen Qingmu once said that the matter would be settled after she made love to Jian Yu. But a few days had passed, and Jian Yu’s attitude toward her never seemed to have changed. She could no longer see the silver lining in the clouds.
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