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Chapter 613 Your Marriage, Of Course!

  • Wen Qingmu slammed a chair on the floor and took a seat. “What is your plan now?”
  • Jian Yu heaved a sigh and leaned his back against the bedhead. “Is it my plan or your plan? What does this have to do with you? Back off!” His thoughts were all entangled, so he didn’t want to have a quarrel with his brother.
  • “It has everything to do with me! Your problem is my problem! It is also our family’s problem!” Wen Qingmu stared at his brother and snarled, “My reputation is ruined because of you! How should I explain myself to Li’s relatives when I follow her home? And how will my son think of his uncle in the future?”
  • “Don’t you think you’re being a tad bit ridiculous?”
  • “Not at all! That’s my wife, who is also your sister-in-law, and your nephew that I’m talking about!”
  • “Can you shut up and leave me alone?” Jian Yu smacked his head and closed his eyes. This incident was so unexpected that he didn’t know what he should do now.
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