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Chapter 610 The Last Gift

  • “President Wen, don’t go back on your word then. You must tell us your birthday after we open the door!” The bridesmaids couldn’t wait to secure the money in their hands as 88, 888 was no small amount. Because of Wen Qingmu’s generosity, the girls had forgotten which team they were on and were ready to open the door.
  • “Don’t worry. President Wen is a man who keeps his promises,” someone outside the room said.
  • Su Luoli heaved a sigh and said, “Girls! Did you forget your motto? Neither poverty nor humbleness can make us swerve from principle; neither threats nor forces can subdue us. How can you open the door for just 88, 888?”
  • “Luoli, President Wen is being generous to us. If we keep on going hard on him, then it won’t be very nice of us,” Xiong Jinjin hurriedly explained.
  • As soon as the door was opened, Wen Qingmu and the best men swamped into the room.
  • “Look for the wedding shoes first!” The bridesmaids started making noise. “If you can’t find them, then you’ll have to give us more money!”
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