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Chapter 598 A Simple and Crude Solution

  • Bing discovered that it was indeed a big tomb, so he began examining it with Jian Yu for a few days. There was always a lot to prepare before each excavation.
  • Everyone appeared to be busy as they were getting ready to head to the tomb. But they enjoyed being able to live life to the fullest in this way. Each person on the team had different roles and responsibilities to carry out. The tasks assigned to Li Rujiao and Mousey in the initial preparation stage were the easiest.
  • As they only had a few more days left, Mousey began catching up on his sleep to preserve more energy. Today, he had slept in until eleven in the morning. After he woke up, he looked through the refrigerator for some food when he saw Li Rujiao sitting and daydreaming on the big tree outside the villa.
  • “Little Chili!” Mousey called from below the tree.
  • After the incident that day, Mousey had felt responsible and apologetic toward Li Rujiao.
  • Li Rujiao glanced down at Mousey. “Is there a problem?”
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