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Chapter 596 Boss Is Back

  • The two of them smiled at each other and nodded. Afterward, Jian Yu departed without hesitation.
  • Su Luoli felt empty in her heart after seeing him leaving. She really felt bad for him, but the main culprit went about his business as if nothing had happened. “He’s gone?”
  • “Yes, and it’s all because of you. He is your own brother. How can you say something so horrible to him?” Su Luoli stared at Wen Qingmu. Even though he could be cute most of the time when he was blunt, but sometimes it was just outright annoying.
  • He grabbed onto her waist. “He’s gone now and you’re already missing him.”
  • Su Luoli could smell jealousy in the air. “It’s not because of that. Fine, let’s stop. I don’t want to get into an argument with you about this.”
  • “You really don’t understand me. Can’t you see that I’ve said those words on purpose?” Wen Qingmu gave her head a slight nudge.
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