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Chapter 583 Unreasonable

  • “That was what happened. She told me the moment before she died that she wanted to frame me for it.”
  • “Were there any other people around when she said that to you?”
  • Su Luoli shook her head. “There weren’t. We wanted to find a quiet place to talk, so naturally, we went to a place without any people.”
  • “This means that you were the only one who heard what she said and there wasn’t any person around to prove it. Am I right?”
  • “Exactly, but I’m not lying! It’s all true.”
  • “Alright. Su Luoli, it looks like we have some understanding of the events that occurred. I would advise you to not travel anywhere these few days while the matter is under investigation so that you can be called upon anytime. Is that fine with you?”
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