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Chapter 579 A Guest at Home

  • “What do you want? I’m warning you to stay away. There are lots of witnesses around here to keep an eye on you!” Wang Wanxiang stood in front of Su Ruoyun like an old hen trying to protect her chicks.
  • Would my mother protect me like Wang Wanxiang did if she were alive? Su Luoli thought. Her heart was sore seeing them this way.
  • “Mom, what more can I be afraid of now?” Su Ruoyun raised her head to look at Su Luoli. “What do you want from me?”
  • Su Luoli passed the baby in her arms to Lihua beside her and went up to a meeting room with Su Ruoyun.
  • She knew for a long time that Su Ruoyun came here for her pregnancy inspection as the hospital informed her of the situation the minute they received her application. Every doctor in the hospital knew about the grudge between Su Luoli and Su Ruoyun, so it made sense for them to report to her before accepting Su Ruoyun’s application. She also knew that Su Ruoyun must be in great despair for her to apply for a free inspection here.
  • “You must be delighted seeing me like this.”
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