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Chapter 574 I Have Done It All

  • It was only when Su Ruoyun saw the divorce agreement did she realize the purpose of Murong Yi’s visit.
  • Murong Yi had gotten everything prepared and he was here today only to get the divorce agreement signed.
  • “Murong Yi! In any case, we’re still husband and wife. How could you do this to me?!” Gritting her teeth, Su Ruoyun felt disheartened.
  • “Husband and wife? I believe you know better than anyone how we ended up being married. If you hadn’t drugged me back then, I wouldn’t have gotten in bed with you! You can’t blame anyone else for the plight you got yourself into.” Murong Yi still sounded cold and emotionless.
  • “I gave you my virginity, my youth, as well as everything I’ve ever owned! Now, you actually want to get a divorce with me when I need your help the most!”
  • Tears started trickling down her face.
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