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Chapter 562 The Most Cruel Woman

  • Su Luoli woke up at dawn. Perhaps because she was too worried about her son, she couldn’t sleep deeply.
  • To her dismay, the bedside was empty. Su Luoli touched it and found that it was cold. She didn’t know if Wen Qingmu hadn’t come back all night or had gotten up early and left.
  • Just then, the door opened and Wen Qingmu walked in with dark circles under his eyes. “You woke up so early?”
  • “Yes, dear. I’m worried about our baby. I wonder if he has been fed well. Plus, the weather is getting cold. Will he be left freezing? Will he cry when he sees unfamiliar faces around him?”
  • “He is not an adult, so he just needs a small amount of food and water.” Wen Qingmu walked to the bed and sat down. “The money in his account has all been transferred to other accounts. I believe he will contact you in less than 24 hours.”
  • Then, Su Luoli touched his face. “Have you not slept all night?”
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