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Chapter 551 Money on the Card

  • Wang Wanxiang was over the moon. After all, Su Luoli was Wen Qingmu’s wife so the money in the bank card would probably amount to millions.
  • With this kind of money, she could repay the bank loan and even open another shop. Wang Wanxiang already felt like she was a boss again.
  • “There isn’t much on this card. There’s only 100,000,” Su Luoli said calmly.
  • She had discussed with Wen Qingmu about the amount of money she should give the Su family.
  • Su Luoli didn’t want to be the Su family’s piggy bank and she didn’t want them to make the same mistakes again. It was not that she wasn’t willing to give them a large sum of money. Instead, it was because she knew Su Kun and Wang Wanxiang too well.
  • Furthermore, she didn’t want to have anything to do with the Su family anymore in the future.
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