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Chapter 548 Stabbed in the Back

  • Su Ruoyao looked confident.
  • “Yao, this is a big deal for our family. You can’t be sloppy.”
  • Su Ruoyun knew her brother well.
  • “Ruoyun, why would you say that? I’m already an adult! Do you think I don’t know this is a big deal for us?”
  • Su Ruoyun took out her bank card and passed it to Su Ruoyao. “There isn’t much money in this card. Use them to treat your friend to a meal and buy some presents for his family.”
  • Su Ruoyun then gave Wang Wanxiang’s passbook back to her and said, “Mom, you can keep this passbook. I’ll ask Yi for more information. If he really needs the money, I’ll ask for it later.”
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