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Chapter 545 Kneel

  • Wen Qingmu was as surprised as they were but because there were outsiders in the house, he didn’t dare to have any big reactions and just sat there silently.
  • Su Luoli had appeared just when Su Kun and Wang Wanxiang were at a loss and they were immediately hopeful.
  • The two of them hurriedly ran up to Su Luoli.
  • “Oh, is this my grandson? He’s so chubby and adorable!” Su Kun was really happy to see him.
  • “He’s gorgeous, just like his father. Come here and let me hug you.” Wang Wanxiang reached out to hug the baby.
  • However, the baby reached out and slapped Wang Wanxiang’s hand instead. Then, he turned around and burrowed his head into Su Luoli’s shoulder.
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