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Chapter 539 Saved the Galaxy in Her Previous Life

  • The floor was in uproar, while Xiao Moran glared at the man and woman onstage, flames in her eyes.
  • “Hey, did you know? Wen Qingmu is no longer the richest person in the country. Not only that, his name has vanished from the Wealth Rank.”
  • “Isn’t that because Dark Empire hasn't been doing well lately?”
  • “Even if it isn’t doing well, he’s still wealthier than most people. His name shouldn’t have vanished from the Wealth Rank!”
  • “Then, what’s the reason for that?”
  • “One of my friends works in Dark Empire. He heard that Wen Qingmu loves his wife dearly, so he transferred all his properties to his wife! That’s why he vanished from the Wealth Rank. In addition, the reason why Dark Empire isn’t doing well is because he didn’t have the time to manage it. He was busy taking care of his wife!”
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