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Chapter 536 The Walk on the Red Carpet

  • Both Su Luoli and Wen Qingmu were stunned.
  • A chubby little hand of the baby had landed on the back of Wen Qingmu’s hand!
  • “Argh…” The baby squealed with a hostile expression on his face; he looked like he was very unhappy with Wen Qingmu.
  • “Hahaha…” After coming back to her senses, Su Luoli burst out laughing. “My son has sought revenge for me! Let’s see how you’re going to bully me in the future.”
  • “You rebellious little rascal, how dare you hit your father?”
  • Wen Qingmu glared at the baby who did not seem the least bit intimidated as he glared back at his father.
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