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Chapter 531 Solid Proof

  • “If I insist on going with you?”
  • Murong Yi turned around to face Su Ruoyun. Usually she was obedient and sensible. “What’s wrong with you?”
  • “Nothing, it’s just that I tend to overthink lately probably because I’m pregnant. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I keep having dreams of you abandoning me.” While Su Ruoyun was talking, she scrutinized Murong Yi’s expression at the same time.
  • His eyes looked slightly shifty. “Don’t think about such things since we already have a child together.”
  • “Exactly. I keep reminding myself that we already have a child. There’s no way you’ll abandon me because I’m sure you’re not that irresponsible.”
  • “I have to rush to the airport after packing. Please take good care of yourself when I’m away. If you don’t feel like going home, you can go back to your parents’ house.” Murong Yi hastily changed the subject before he carried on packing his luggage.
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