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Chapter 530 Desperate

  • After they finished making love, Su Luoli fell into a deep sleep in Wen Qingmu’s arms.
  • However, Wen Qingmu couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, he looked at Su Luoli who was sleeping soundly in his arms, the corner of his lips curling into a smile.
  • “Li, I will never disappoint you.”
  • Su Luoli and Wen Qingmu were having a sweet and happy time together, but Su Ruoyun wasn’t that lucky.
  • Three months of pregnancy had made her stomach bulge. Even though she didn’t look pregnant, her waist was rounder than before.
  • “All of you are a bunch of losers! How are you all so useless? It’s been more than two months and you still don’t have anything I can use to threaten Su Luoli?”
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