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Chapter 509 Just Bear with It

  • It was Guan Ai.
  • In the recent year, Guan Ai's popularity had soared, and she belonged to the same company as Su Ruoyun—Yixin International.
  • However, as Su Ruoyun was the wife of Yixin International's President, she was able to get all the best resources and suppress Guan Ai.
  • Initially, Su Ruoyun didn't want anyone to share the limelight with her, but Yixin International could not afford to groom just one celebrity. After all, the more popular their celebrities were, the more prosperous Yixin International would become.
  • As the President's wife, Su Ruoyun had to make some sacrifices.
  • Guan Ai had always looked down on Su Ruoyun, thinking that the reason why she could only achieve such success was because she had a rich husband. Otherwise, she wouldn't have the status that she had right now.
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