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Chapter 493 What Horrible Things Did You Do This Time

  • “Do you think she can harm me in this state?”
  • Lu Weiran’s messy hair was all over the place, and it almost covered her entire face. Su Luoli had a hard time matching the woman in front of her with the capable woman with a ponytail she knew from before.
  • I recall how impressive she was when she was leading me up the mountain!
  • “Mrs. Wen? Su Luoli?” Lu Weiran looked up abruptly as if she sensed something out of the ordinary. She brushed the hair away from her face.
  • “It’s really you! You’re finally here!” Lu Weiran stumbled and scrambled toward Su Luoli, but the bodyguards kicked her away swiftly.
  • “Have you been waiting for me?”
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