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Chapter 480 Distressed

  • Time went by pretty quickly, and Su Luoli was now seven months pregnant.
  • Her days were busy yet organized since returning home for two months. Thanks to Jian Yu’s exceptional management skill, Dark Empire had not suffered massive losses because of Wen Qingmu’s absence for the past few months; there were losses nevertheless.
  • Since Wen Qingmu’s return, he had spent his days working round the clock. He had always threatened that he wanted to work from home, however many things couldn’t be done at home. Due to his wife’s insistence, he decided that he would only work from home as well as take care of her when she was eight months pregnant and soon to go into labor.
  • Even though he was not home, he had many ways to keep watch on his wife; their house was dotted with surveillance cameras everywhere. Now, Su Luoli basically lived her days under surveillance.
  • As her estimated due date was getting closer, Wen Qingmu increasingly imposed more restrictions on her. Since her bulge became obvious, she had not stepped outside of the house once. She felt so suffocated that she was on the brink of explosion. Now, she was walking back and forth in her room with a seven-month-old fetus in her tummy.
  • “Mrs. Wen, you’ve been walking for about thirty minutes. According to the guidelines set forth by Mr. Wen, you should take a rest now,” Lihua, who was beside her, said.
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