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Chapter 468 A Devastating Blow

  • The atmosphere in the dining room was exceptionally harmonious. Jian Yu grew up alone without his parents by his side. Although he had yet to call them mom and dad, he had acknowledged his relationship with his parents. This made Mu Zhixuan and Wen Hao delighted.
  • Mu Zhixuan refilled Jian Yu’s bowl with pepper steak and sauerkraut that she made. “These are the dishes I learnt from Luoli. Have a taste.”
  • Jian Yu seemed to be uneasy with it, but he still ate the vegetables which Mu Zhixuan had put in his bowl.
  • Dissatisfaction was written all over on Wen Qingmu’s face. Noticing that, Su Luoli immediately took a piece of sweet and sour pork and put it in his bowl. “Your favorite sweet and sour pork! I made this especially for you,” Su Luoli whispered softly to Wen Qingmu, thereupon his look turned a bit better when he thought that at least he was better than Jian Yu for having a wife who loved him.
  • “Oh, yeah. Who is the elder and who is the younger brother then?” Su Jianmo asked. This question would be asked sooner or later even if he didn’t ask it.
  • Listening to the question, Wen Qingmu suddenly made a cough to clear his throat and sat upright to show his manner of being the elder brother. He was ready to give a lecture to Jian Yu with his role of being the elder brother of him.
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