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Chapter 467 I Want to Be the Elder Brother

  • “Childish? You dare call me childish?” Wen Qingmu jumped off the bed angrily. He had been in fumes to be betrayed by Su Luoli, and now he was even angrier as if he was going to spit blood anytime.
  • “Did I say it wrong? Fine, fine. I just thought that it’s not a bad thing for you to have a twin brother.”
  • “Not bad, your a*s!” Wen Qingmu was enraged.
  • Su Luoli really didn’t have any idea why he would have such a big reaction because of that. Could it be just like what Jian Yu said before, that he didn’t want anyone to share the love from his parents?
  • “Honey… what’s bothering you actually? Can you please let me know?” Su Luoli toned down and said gently.
  • “Nothing bothers me. I just feel irritated!” Wen Qingmu crossed his legs and sat on the bed.
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