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Chapter 464 Are You Going to Take It Off?

  • “T-T-That’s impossible! It’s just truly unbelievable! ” Wen Qingmu couldn’t believe what he had heard! How could he suddenly become my twin brother?
  • “But both of you do look alike. Don’t you realize that?” Su Luoli had long noticed that they both looked alike. However, at that time, she thought it was just her imagination because she was head over heels in love with Wen Qingmu. To her, everyone would look just like him, especially when Jian Yu had the same smirk as that of Wen Qingmu. But now, she finally found the reason why.
  • “Yesterday, I found a birthmark on his neck when I took him to the guest room to have a rest. That’s when I began to harbor the suspicion. Besides, Luoli said he grew up in a jungle,” Mu Zhixuan quickly added.
  • “Mom, you are too naive. How can you identify him as your son by a birthmark? Are you kidding me? I’m the only son you have! I promise I will listen to you and be more filial to you in the future!” Wen Qingmu would definitely not believe that he had a twin brother.
  • “Of course I can’t be sure just because of a single birthmark. There are some other clues as well. Both of you have a red mole on your buttocks, and when your brother died, I placed a jade on him.”
  • “I don’t have a mole on my butt! If you are even confused with this, we obviously can’t trust your memory on the birthmarks!” Wen Qingmu waved his hand just like a spoiled kid.
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