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Chapter 462 The Baby Is Healthy

  • Wen Hao was in a bit of a trance upon mentioning their other son, as though that part of his memory had been sealed deep inside his mind. “That’s enough. It’s been so many years, so let’s not talk about it. Let’s sleep early tonight. I still need to deal with the Burt Family tomorrow.”
  • Mu Zhixuan stayed silent and lay down on her bed. She knew that it would be better to talk about this after Wen Hao dealt with the Burt Family since he was busy.
  • The next morning, Wen Hao left early to the other villa to discuss the wedding with the Burt Family. Everything fell under Wen Hao’s control to which the Burt Family dared not start anything for they were in his territory and was worried as well. All they could do was to accept the current situation, albeit reluctantly. The Burt Family then left the Aye Valley with a crying Daisy. Thus, this ordeal could be said to be at its end.
  • Meanwhile, Mu Zhixuan brought both Su Luoli and Wen Qingmu to Doctor Hao’s place. Doctor Hao was a famous doctor back then when she was still a human. However, she was turned by Wen Hao into a vampire on the brink of her death.
  • She was so passionate about medicine that she continued her research in the field even after becoming a vampire. There were various pieces of medical equipment inside her house. Not only that, she was a friendly middle-aged lady. She didn’t feel like a stranger to them since they had already met at yesterday’s wedding.
  • “Follow me,” Doctor Hao said as she brought Su Luoli into the examination room.
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