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Chapter 461 Have Some Self-Restraint

  • It was finally just the two of them back in the bedroom.
  • Wen Qingmu kept staring at Su Luoli from the bed, thereupon she became queasy under his gaze. She turned her face away from him because of the wound on her face. Furthermore, she hadn’t been taking care of her skin since she had been busy these past few weeks. “That’s enough. I’m ugly now.”
  • “Who said it was?” Wen Qingmu gently turned Su Luoli’s face back to his direction. “You look much more beautiful than before.”
  • “Not only is my skin rough and dry, but there are also a few scratches on my face now. Am I still pretty this way?”
  • “Yes. Yes, you are. I would never get tired of seeing your pretty face.”
  • Su Luoli laughed at his words. “It seems you’re getting better with your words. Could it be something you’ve picked up from that new bride?”
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