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Chapter 451 He Must Be Crazy

  • Back in Rainbow City, Jian Yu had already told Su Luoli everything that had happened. Su Luoli was very calm throughout the whole process, which was far beyond Jian Yu’s expectations.
  • “So that’s what happened. Wen Qingmu is not dead. Everything is a ploy created to deceive you! If I’m not mistaken, he should already be in Aye Valley by now.”
  • Su Luoli stayed silent for so long that Jian Yu thought she was asleep.
  • “I should have guessed it a long time ago!” Su Luoli suddenly raised her head as if all her confusions had been suddenly cleared up.
  • “Guess what?”
  • “Guessed that he was going to leave me! After Jianmo passed away, he was acting a little weird. He didn’t want me to go to work. He wanted me to stay with him at home, but I didn’t agree. In fact, he just wanted to stay with me a little longer.” Su Luoli regretted it very much. During that time, she had been so drowned in the pain of Su Jianmo’s death that she had ignored Wen Qingmu.
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