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Chapter 443 Not Even a Single Photo Could Be Found

  • “What happened?” Jian Yu was terribly busy and was in over his head.
  • Before this, Jian Yu always thought that Wen Qingmu was just a mediocre man. But now that he had taken over his position, he couldn’t help but admire him.
  • It truly required extraordinary capabilities to manage such a huge company well.
  • “It’s President Ye. He messed around with a young artist from the company and got her pregnant. That young artist made a fuzz at the Ye family, causing Old Master Ye to chase him out of the country out of anger. Now, the whole company knows about this, but fortunately, that young artist isn’t that famous.”
  • For someone who had always been morally upright like Jian Yu, such news was painful to hear.
  • “Why would Wen Qingmu be friends with someone like Ye Bin?” Jian Yu couldn’t help but mumble.
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