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Chapter 435 A Sudden Honeymoon Trip

  • “I’ve never gone on a trip before.”
  • At the thought, Su Luoli could not help but feel slightly sorrowful.
  • “My family was rather well-off when I was little. Every now and then, my father would bring my stepmother together with Su Ruoyun and Su Ruoyao to go on a trip, and they would bring back all sorts of bizarre and unusual stuff every time they came back—some of them edible and some of them toys. They would take a lot of pictures along the way too.”
  • Come to think of it, Su Luoli had never been on a trip before, not even once. Even Su Jianmo had gone on a graduation trip before.
  • “We can set off now if you feel like it.”
  • “Now?” With her eyes widened, Su Luoli gaped at him incredulously.
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