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Chapter 426 Declaration of War

  • Tonight, Xiao Moran gave off a royal aura by wearing a dress with alternating black and white stripes. Yet, she still turned out to be less eye-catching than Su Luoli who was adopting a different style tonight. As a senior artist in the showbiz, she couldn’t believe that she was reduced to a minor character around Su Luoli.
  • “Hmph, she might be getting all the limelight now, but she’ll only suffer great embarrassment when she fails to get the award later!” Xiao Moran’s new assistant, Guan Xiaoxiao, viewed Su Luoli with great disdain.
  • Ignoring her, Xiao Moran made her way directly to the dressing room to do some touch-ups on her makeup.
  • “Moran, I can’t understand it. Who does Su Luoli think she is? Are the reporters all blind? Can’t they see that you’re the strongest contender for the Best Actress Award this time?” Guan Xiaoxiao always spoke her mind without much thought as she was younger and not so mature like Xiao Moran’s previous assistant, Xia Lian.
  • Sitting on the chair as she touched up her makeup, Xiao Moran answered her, “She has received two important Best Actress Awards already so far and what’s more, she only debuted a year ago. If she were to receive the award this time, she’ll be the youngest artist ever to achieve the Grand Slam and also the one who achieves it using the shortest amount of time. Who do you think she is now?”
  • Guan Xiaoxiao was left stumped by the few sentences she said. “Moran, why are you showering praises on your enemy while belittling yourself?” She was still unconvinced as she muttered, “I still think your acting skill is a whole lot better than hers!”
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