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Chapter 42 Extreme Truth or Dare

  • She was not sure if she was being oversensitive about it, but Xiao Moran felt the situation was a bit fishy.
  • She had someone appraise the ruby necklace, and it was definitely of the highest quality. It was more expensive than her agate bracelet and, more importantly, rarely seen on the market.
  • Such an expensive welcome gift could not help but make her think.
  • Xia Lian shook her head. "Moran, are you being oversensitive? Who is Su Luoli? Why would someone like Mr. Wen be connected to her? Wouldn't that bring down his worth?"
  • Xiao Moran's brows relaxed slightly. "That's true…"
  • In her years of knowing him, she knew quite well what kind of person Wen Qingmu was. Because of his special status, he did not interact much with the outside world, and would never make casual acquaintances.
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