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Chapter 401 Use Her Weakness Against Her

  • Su Luoli thought what Wen Qingmu said made sense, so she eventually relaxed. After all, she had confidence in him when he was on the case.
  • “Jianmo is a sensible child, and you’re the one he always worries about. Therefore, you have to pretend that nothing has happened, even if it means putting on a show. That’s the only way he can leave without concerns.”
  • Su Luoli snuggled in Wen Qingmu’s chest and closed her sore eyes; she felt like she was going to cry any minute.
  • When she thought of how she would need to say farewell to Su Jianmo forever a month later, her heart was overwhelmed with sadness.
  • “I'm going to shoot my drama.” After great hesitation, Su Luoli made this decision.
  • “Alright.” Wen Qingmu kissed Su Luoli’s forehead.
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