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Chapter 386 He Was Calling Her Name

  • “It’s already late at night. Who could it be?” Su Ruoyun walked to the door and looked through the peephole; it was Murong Yi! She immediately opened the door and asked, “Honey, what happened?”
  • The smell of alcohol and cigarettes wafted into the house. Murong Yi stumbled and almost fell after entering the house. Fortunately, Su Ruoyun managed to catch him.
  • “Why did you drink so much?” Su Ruoyun mustered up all her might and carried Murong Yi into the bedroom. Then, she turned around and went out to grab some hangover medicine and a glass of water.
  • The both of them had moved to this place after they got married. However, they were both busy with work and didn’t really have the chance to return home. They hadn’t even eaten a meal together in this house. Furthermore, the number of times they made love to each other was pitifully low. In order to have some alone time and not be disturbed by anyone else, Su Ruoyun had asked all the servants to leave. Despite that, Murong Yi had remained cold toward her.
  • Su Ruoyun poured the hangover medicine into Murong Yi’s mouth before sitting him up to make him drink some water. “Honey, even though work is important, you can’t ignore your health! You should drink less when you’re socializing,” Su Ruoyun said as she caressed Murong Yi’s face lovingly.
  • Murong Yi suddenly grabbed her hand and opened his eyes before he pulled her into his arms.
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