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Chapter 380 Jealousy

  • Su Luoli was lost in Wen Qingmu’s kiss as well, but she knew they couldn’t go on any longer, thus she reached out and grabbed Wen Qingmu’s wandering hands and uttered, “Stop…”
  • Wen Qingmu glanced at Su Luoli while panting. “Why? I want you now…”
  • Su Luoli was deeply embarrassed when she said, “I’m on my period…”
  • It was like a basin of cold water that poured on Wen Qingmu’s head, extinguishing all his desire at once. He then smacked his forehead in agony.
  • Su Luoli felt sorry under such circumstances; she hated the fact that her period had come just when Wen Qingmu was home. It was only the first day of her period, which meant that they had to wait for a week before they could make love again.
  • “Damn it!”
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