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Chapter 376 The Stingy Award-Winning Actress

  • Su Luoli told Xu Xingru everything about the clothing studio that she registered. Initially, she didn’t have to discuss this matter with Xu Xingru. However, now that Su Ruoyun had announced her clothing brand, Love, Su Luoli had no choice but to tell Xu Xingru about it.
  • “It’s not really a bad thing. At most, the public will say that you are copying Su Ruoyun. What we need to watch out for is Su Ruoyun herself. She’ll definitely be on her guard against you since both of you are doing the same thing.”
  • “I know. I think this matter is just too coincidental to be true. She’s in the skincare field now. Who knew that she actually has her eyes on the fashion industry as well?!” Su Luoli was both mentally and physically exhausted. She didn’t wish to have any more dealings with Su Ruoyun.
  • “Don’t worry. Don’t stress out too much about this. Let’s see tomorrow’s news before we make any decision.”
  • “Okay.” After Su Ruoyun hung up the phone, she still felt uneasy. She didn’t sleep well that night, and there was still no news from Wen Qingmu.
  • The next morning, Su Jianmo returned in a hurry. “Hey Luoli, how’s it going? Did everybody praise the dress I made for you?” He was clearly excited.
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