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Chapter 363 I Will Die

  • Wen Qingmu was silently waiting for Su Luoli’s answer.
  • Su Luoli took another sip of her yogurt while she mulled over it. “If I were the female lead, I would’ve just walked past the male lead. The end… Hahaha…”
  • After Su Luoli finished her sentence, she burst into laughter. There was a trend online lately where people would put themselves in the actor’s shoes and write what happened next. Many people would end the story abruptly because some movies were just illogical. Su Luoli thought that it was funny but Wen Qingmu’s heart was aching.
  • “If I were the female lead, I wouldn’t even have noticed the male lead. Even though people say that he’s handsome, I don’t think so.”
  • Then, Su Luoli held Wen Qingmu’s face and said, “My husband is more handsome than him.”
  • Although she was complimenting Wen Qingmu, he wasn’t happy at all and could only force a smile.
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