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Chapter 325 Humiliated

  • How could they talk about something so dirty in front of me?! Mu Ranzheng had no idea what to say.
  • Su Luoli shot Wen Qingmu a look and even kicked him as a reminder for him to be aware of what he was saying.
  • Mu Ranzheng smiled awkwardly and asked, “Am I going to be an uncle soon?” The both of them are so in love that they stick together like glue. I think it won’t be long before they have a baby.
  • “Uncle? If we have a child, you can only be his or her brother…”
  • Oh, I’m heartbroken!
  • At first, Mu Ranzheng had planned to stay for dinner. After all, it had been a long time since he had a taste of Su Luoli’s cooking, but he lost his appetite just by looking at the two lovebirds. Which was why he didn’t stay for long and decided to meet his Aston Martin instead.
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