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Chapter 308 A Long Wait

  • Lu Weiran was observant and perceptive, so how could she not notice that Wen Qingmu and Su Luoli were having a row?
  • Back then, when she accompanied Su Luoli to the mountain, the couple always tried their best to keep in touch by making calls or sending each other messages.
  • This was the first time throughout this trip that Wen Qingmu sent a message to Su Luoli.
  • In Wen Qingmu’s sudden message, he said he missed Su Luoli. Were the couple going to patch things up?
  • Lu Weiran tried to unlock Su Luoli’s phone but she failed to do so after several attempts.
  • She tried to key in both Wen Qingmu and Su Luoli’s birthdays, but it still showed that the password was wrong.
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