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Chapter 305 Fully Enlightened

  • ‘Luoli, I’m having activities in S City, and I heard that you’re here for filming as well. Let’s hang out when you’re free.’ It was a text from Meng Jiajia.
  • ‘If everything goes smoothly, I’ll end work at 7 today.’
  • ‘Alright. I’ll text you the venue once I’ve decided.’
  • It was always a blessing to meet a familiar friend in a strange city.
  • The shooting was successful today. After Su Luoli returned to the hotel and changed into casual attire, she set off to the address Meng Jiajia sent her and arrived at a shop named ‘Sweetness’. The shop’s decor gave off a refreshing vibe, and it was occupied by lively-looking youngsters.
  • Arriving in a uniquely designed room, Meng Jiajia had already ordered a glass of fruit juice for Su Luoli.
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