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Chapter 296 What are you Looking for

  • When Ye Bin heard Wen Qingmu say that he was going home, he immediately got angry.
  • “Qingmu! Moran just woke up! You…”
  • Xiao Moran instantly pulled on Ye Bin’s clothes and shook her head at him before she turned to Wen Qingmu. “Hurry up and go home. Luoli is injured so she needs your care. I’ll be fine here. Thank you for staying the night.”
  • After Wen Qingmu heard what she said, he looked down at his feet. He always felt a little ashamed to face Xiao Moran.
  • “I’ll be back in a bit.”
  • With that, Wen Qingmu turned around and left the ward.
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