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Chapter 281 You're Keeping Something From Me

  • The reason for having a marriage between the Murong family and the Su family had to be traced back to Murong Yi's grandfather.
  • Murong Yi's grandfather and Su Luoli's grandfather were sworn brothers. They had been in the army together.
  • Back then, Murong Yi's grandfather had made a big mistake. Su Luoli's grandfather took the blame for it, and was sent home from the army.
  • Murong Yi's grandfather came from a poor family. That was why he joined the army. Su Luoli's grandfather joined the army for the experience. His family ran a very profitable winery.
  • Su Luoli's grandfather felt that getting sent home from the army was not an issue. He had a winery to go home to, and there was food on the table.
  • However, if Murong Yi's grandfather was sent home, with no allowance or work, they might starve.
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