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Chapter 192 An Unexpected Encounter

  • Xu Xingru had posted various documents on Weibo.
  • They included the receipts for both times Su Luoli was in the hospital, with the time very clearly stated on them. Both had police stamps on them, signifying that these documents were legitimate.
  • Besides the evidence of her hospitalization, there were also police reports.
  • The first report was when Su Luoli had gotten lost in the mountains, and the second was when she had been beaten up near the airport.
  • Xu Xingru also added on Weibo that, "The reason why none of this has been brought to light is that we are still investigating who is behind this. However, we will say that these two incidents are not accidents, and are the work of someone! A warning to whoever it may be: Heaven is looking down upon you. Don't think that we can be bullied. Everything will come to light one day!"
  • Once her Weibo post went up, the Internet was all abuzz!
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