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Chapter 147 How About Tonight

  • Actually, Yin Jin had already thought it through. Wen Qingmu held the CEO post in Dark Empire himself. Even though he had many vice presidents, they were all incredibly busy. A conglomerate was a lot of work, with all its different branches and industries.
  • It was not practical to pick someone and appoint them to Star King International.
  • Yin Jin, who knew Wen Qingmu well, also knew this.
  • The person appointed to Star King International had to know about Wen Qingmu and Su Luoli, and take into account Xiao Moran.
  • "Mr. Wen, perhaps we can choose someone from within Star King International?"
  • "There's no need, I already have someone in mind. I just need a suitable occasion to announce it."
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